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PDF Flyers

Have you been provided with a PDF that you want your community to see without having to download the file? PDF Flyer functionality has been added to Articles to allow you to easily include these files.

Adding a PDF Flyer to an Article

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Content menu tab.
  2. Select Articles, click the New Article button and populate the Title Field.
  3. Apply a Tag if relevant, select a Publish Date if you do not want your article to appear straight away and select the relevant options for your Linked Newsletters or Linked Streams. (Relevant only to DIY Newsletter subscriptions)
  4. You can add a PDF FLyer via one of the following options:
    - Select the Insert tab located in the top menu ribbon and click the PDF Flyer
    - Select the PDF Flyer icon located on the left side of the top menu ribbon.
    - Right Click in the content window and select the PDF Flyer option.
  5. From the prompt window, upload a file using the Upload Icon or search for an existing file using the Search Icon.
  6. Adjust fields as desired. ‘Title’ will display atop the PDF Flyer. The ‘Show Flyer’ tickbox is responsible for the visual display of the file. It is recommended to leave this enabled. The ‘Download Link’ tickbox will apply a ribbon at the top of the PDF which allows users to download the file.
  7. Once adjusted click ‘Ok’ to insert the PDF Flyer.

You can also update a PDF Flyer by clicking the Edit Icon or remove it using the Delete Icon.


When viewing an article, a PDF Flyer will show as follows:

PDF Flyer Example
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