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Amending Newsletter Content

There are a variety of options available to amend the content of your newsletter during production. These options can be submitted by logging in to the Control Centre.

PLEASE NOTE: There is a 1 business hour turnaround time on amendments.

Some important information regarding amendment times:

  1. Make sure that you submit amendments via the Control Centre, and not via email or live chat.
    Note: We won’t be able to guarantee the 1 business hour turnaround time for amendments submitted via the incorrect channel.
  2. The turnaround time for amendments submitted outside of business hours will begin from the start of business the next day.
  3. If there are a large amount of changes submitted, it may take longer than the 1 business hour turnaround.

To download related documents, click the links below:

Click here to download the Schoolzine Newsletter Template

This is the file you should use to collate your newsletter content into.

Click here to download the Example Newsletter Template

This is an example newsletter to use as a reference when collating your content.

Click here to download the Newsletter Formatting Guide

This is a guide to assist you in formatting your newsletter.

Making an Amendment

Word Document

To indicate your changes, all you need to do is highlight the text:

Highlight any changed/new content in Yellow..

Highlight any content that needs removal in Red.

The highlighter tool can be found in the Font toolbar in the menu ribbon.

Highlight Tool

Handy Hints

  • If you have a punctuation change, make sure to highlight the word next to it as well.
  • For multiple changes within the one paragraph, make all the changes and highlight the whole paragraph in yellow, rather than having multiple yellow and red changes.
  • When adding new articles, make sure you remember to highlight the Headings and Images.

Upload Files

Submit additional images, PDFs and other media files.

Quick Message

Send the Production Team a brief message requesting minor amendments.

DIY Edit

Use DIY amendments for grammatical and spelling updates.


Submitting your Amendments

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Newsletters menu tab.
  2. Once expanded, select SZ Newsletters.
  3. Locate the newsletter you wish to submit amendments for.
  4. Click the Newsletter Name to open that newsletter issue.
  5. Select the Submit Amendments button.
  6. Choose the type of amendment you would like to submit and follow any prompts.
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