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Quick Send Message

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This Quick Send feature allows you to quickly send a message to your parents, and is perfect for Emergency Communication. As this option is for quick communications only, you cannot format your message or include images or documents, and the message cannot exceed 140 characters.

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Quick Send Message menu tab.
  2. Type in the Message Title and the Message you would like to send out.
    Note: There is a 40 character limit for the title and a 140 character limit for the message. If you want to send a longer message you will need to send a message via the Communicate menu tab.
  3. Select which Channel/s you need to send your message out to.
  4. Select your Recipients. You are able to send the message to your entire database, or to specific groups, you can send to multiple groups if needed. You cannot send to individual contacts.
  5. Click Send to distribute your message.


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