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Creating a Session

Session Keeper Setup Tutorial

The following process will be used to create a Session in your Schoolzine account. Sessions can be created for things such as Parent Teacher Interviews and Room Bookings.

  1. Log in to your Control Centre and select the Session Keeper menu tab.
  2. Select the New Session.
  3. Select your Session Type.

    Staff: Will record only parent details on the bookings.

    Student: Will record parent and student details on the bookings.

  4. Fill in the Description field with any instructions or other information required.
    Note: You are also able to populate other media items, hyperlinks, and pictures within this section.
  5. Click Save & Continue.


Importing Staff

Importing your staff will easily allow you to add multiple staff to your session.

  1. Open and complete the Staff Template below.
  1. Navigate to step 2 when creating a session and click Import Staff.
  2. Browse for your Template and select your Session Keeper Staff group.
  3. Click Import.


For this stage you will be creating the available appointments for your selected staff members.

  1. Select a Start Date and Closing Date for your availability period.
  2. Select a Start Time and Closing Time for your appointment time slots.
  3. Populate the appointment Duration.
    Note: This field is measured in minutes.
  4. Tick the box next to the staff member(s) you want the appointments to be added to.
  5. Click Add to Selected.
    Note: If you wish to add the appointments to all staff then click Add to all.
  6. Once all appointments have been created, click Save & Continue.

Sharing your Session

Now that you have completed the setup of your Session, you can send out the Session URL to your relevant contacts. You can include the Session URL in a Newsflash, on your website, within the content of your newsletter, as an App Tile, or in the Side Panel of your newsletter.

The Session URL is located under the session title on the Details tab.


If you’d like assistance with sharing your Session with the community, please feel free to contact the Support Team.

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